Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Good News From Our Project Manager!

     I had read a few bloggers talking about how dark the house was the day they moved in since the light rough ins are just that - rough ins. I noticed this happened everywhere in our house we had paid for a light rough-in:
      It's a light fixture! I asked my PM if they leave them for a few days or take them out before we get keys and he says they stay! Yes, it's a very basic fixture, but it holds a working light bulb and takes away the need for us to run right in the house and install light fixtures on day one, with everything else going on that day.

     Just a little thing, but one which will make a big difference during all the craziness.

*Note to self: Ben would like these back when we replace them - they do not go into a landfill or take up "Just in case we need them some day for some thing" storage space in the basement.


  1. I think that is something specific to a pm. Ours installed one in the Morning Room only. While I find what your PM did awesome, I would be afraid it would allow me to be lazy and put off the lights install.

  2. No word yet on the bath issue. The PM said he will see it on Monday. I hope he calls me about it Monday.

  3. Looked at my tub today and they have the pipes coming up where yours should've been. We go everyday for this reason alone.