Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter. Take One

A tray of baby cupcakes.
Cakepops were easier than I had imagined. We had fun today.
Some of the pops wrapped. Allison said I should sell them.
We just tried a lot of different ideas today to see which ones we liked.
pTo give you an idea of scale: This cupcake has an M&M on top and is sitting in a Princess House Crystal coaster.

Today we made baby cakes with strawberry cake and cream cheese frosting. It's a good thing we used the cream cheese frosting. They are sweet enough without adding butter cream frosting to the mix.

Some of them look more like something Alice would have seen in Wonderland, and some of them are plain old adorable. We have more ideas now about what to do (and what not to do) for when we make the next ones. Next up will probably be red velvet.

To make the cupcake pops we just poked a hole with a toothpick in the bottom of the cupcake and then dipped a lollipop stick in the same flavor chocolate as the bottom and pushed it in. Gently. If you are forceful you will break through the top.


  1. These are sooo cute! great decorations and creativity on them...btw the little girl looks like a young Dakota Fanning.

  2. Your cupcake pops are TOO cute! The detailed instructions make it look easy to make them. Thanks!