Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Savor The Flavor, Sierra Madre, CA.

When we went to Sierra Madre High School to see Ray Bradbury we had extra time to walk around the town. It is such a nice little town. (Not like the little town I live in with one little store which is half antiques nobody ever buys, but that's a story for a different day) It is a little town with quite a few little shops and restaurants.

Our favorite place in Sierra Madre was Savor The Flavor. We stopped in and were enamoured with the many little treasures, whether they be useful, decorative, or tasty. Not only was there a great selection of goodies, but Karen treated us as if we were her old, dear friends. If you are ever in the Sierra Madre area, you should pay her a visit. Be warned, when we asked to take her picture she put us behind the counter and took ours instead. Don't be like me. Fix your hair before you go see Karen.


  1. How cool that you saw Ray Bradbury, and I love your white coat!

  2. Is that you with the blonde hair? I LOVE that white jacket. It is totally classy. :)