Friday, March 9, 2012

3 in 30

     I haven't done 3 in 30 in, oh... probably about a year. I'm just going to hop  back in, though, because really? What better way? We're moved into the new house now, so I have all the motivation and none of the excuses. Plus, I've been staring at "The Box" for a while now and I want to use it so I can feel like I have a system beyond trudging through every day feeling like there is too much to do.

     Since I missed week one I will just jumble it all together.

1. Get the old place totally emptied and cleaned up for the new life it is about to have.

2. Get the few remaining boxes in my bedroom put away.

3. Shop for the furniture we need and the appliances (fridge, washer & dryer) which all decided to die within the two week period around our move.

     I will admit this may seem to some like sort of a cheat since #1 is actually done. But had I written a post on the first of the month it certainly would have been the honest big goal. Plus, getting it done was no small task, lemme tell ya'.  So checkity check check check - it's done!

    I have to work on the boxes in my room. I have a tote and less than ten fairly small boxes, so if I don't manage to do it, really, one of you should just come over and flog me.

     Shopping for the furniture and appliances is proving to be the worst of these tasks because I can't find the furniture I want and washer/dryer prices have about doubled since I bought some eight years ago! Also, my laundry room is on the second floor, which is really nice and all, but I can't just buy any old noisy, shaky machine like I could when these things were in the basement. Add to this the fact that we were not really prepared to replace these items right now, and it's a monumental task to find what we need.

     Of course, in reality, I will be adjusting to a whole new house routine. Since the whole downstairs is hardwood I have to sweep it every day or two unless I want to see little doggie-hair tumbleweeds in the corners. (Gross! I do not want to see those in the corners or anywhere else.) Luckily, the central vac makes it ridiculously simple to do the hardwoods.

     I also have a bunch of works I want to do. I want to paint a bunch of furniture. I have two new cans of Annie Sloan Chalk paint and a can of her soft wax in my sitting room, just taunting me. The basement is a mess where some of the family decided to just put stuff in willy-nilly during the second half of the move. The garage makes me want to cry, because if the basement got willy-nilly, the garage got... hmmm... there are no words. I can park the van inside. Barely. Sanford & Son would be proud. Fortunately for me, at least some of it is empty boxes I will be putting on Craigslist for someone else to use.  Some of this stuff may show up in the April goals. Maybe even May. Hopefully not June. Hopefully. There is lots to do, so we'll see.


  1. Bless your heart!! I feel for you because of how much I hate moving! I mean, I love the excitement of starting fresh and being somewhere new, but everything else about the process sucks, as far as I'm concerned.

    Good for you for all you've accomplished, so far!

  2. I think shopping for furniture and appliances is so hard. Unless you are window shopping and then it is fun, fun, fun. LOL
    But for me when it comes to my cheap by nature and sometimes necessity heart against my hubbies generous get what you want heart it does make things interesting.
    Welcome back BTW. I have been doing this for about 8 months and LOVE it.

  3. Right there with you on the unpacking. We have several large boxes still in our room. Most of it doesn't even really belong there. The rest is out of season items. I really need someone to come in and tell me how to organize all my crap. And yes, I admit, I have a lot of crap. Some good stuff, but a lot of crap, too.

    Our garage is full of hubby's tools and wood working stuff because it will all eventually go into the study off the family room and backs to the garage. We are punching a hole in the wall and putting in a door to access it from the garage and it will become his workshop. Just today we ripped out the carpet and are laying vinyl tiles with grout (from HD) tomorrow. We have now been here 45 days and still have many projects.