Saturday, March 10, 2012

Home, Sweet Home

Ryan Homes Ravenna Reverse Floor Plan w/Bonus Room & Partial Stone

         Even though we are still waiting on our driveway and landscaping, our house is already feeling quite homey. There are all sorts of things going on inside and lots of visitors, which I love. I don't think it looks like a monster from the street or anything, which I was a little worried about when people were saying they didn't get the bonus room because they thought it would be too much. I actually wanted this elevation because of the lines. I needed wanted the gray/black/white color combo very much. So much so that it narrowed down the stone choices for us, which was a good thing.

*If you are investing in stone, make sure you get out to houses with the stone. Don't just look at what they have in the model home to choose a stone.

     I really wanted a full porch, but there was not an option for a full porch. I am hoping the HOA will approve one when/if I decide it is important to me. Right now I'm fine with the idea of using the back yard for all my outdoor sitting. We have three fields behind us - two for cattle and one for horses. I think I prefer sharing my quiet space with them over the street, even our peaceful street.