Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ryan Homes: Ravenna Options

Gratuitous picture of the house. Same picture I just posted of the house. Can't. Help. Myself.

I get emails about the house asking about Options I had not mentioned so I thought it would be a nice idea to put them together for people in one place.

We chose the Ravenna model, elevation A. I wanted a covered porch, but the roof lines for the models with a covered porch made me crazy, so elevation A it was.

We chose Graphite Gray siding, black shutters, tricorn black for the door, and white trim.

Our exterior stone color is: Buff.

Our bathroom tile is Ceramic Salerno 12x12 Marrone Chiaro.

Our appliance package was (for us) option code 4GF. It breaks down to:
                              Model #JGB500SEPSS for the gas 30" free standing range.
                              Model # GLD4466RSS for the Tall Tub dishwasher.
                              Model # JNM1851SMSS for the Spacemaker over-the-range microwave oven.

(When choosing items never assume that my level 4 is the same as your level 4. The standard options in my house could be quite different than the standard options in your house)

Our kitchen faucet is the Moen Camerist in Chrome. (I have tactile issues and could not deal with a stainless faucet) I love that pull out sprayer!

Our kitchen granite is called by three different names: Brazil Black (this is what our division of Ryan calls it) Black Pearl, and Black Uba Tuba.

Our kitchen cabinets are Rushmore Maple Glaze Butterscotch. (knobs are included with this cabinet option) So are the bathroom cabinets. Realize if you take upgraded cabinets and counters in bathroom #2 you get it automatically in #3, etc. It made it really worth it to find out the the additional cost carried over to the third bath instead of being per bath.

We added a third lane to our driveway, since we have a house full of big kids.

Driveway update: Adding a third lane to the drive only added 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. When the concrete guys were here we added a couple more feet out to the side - another 2 x20. This felt necessary because the 10 feet of extra drive starts at the edge of the garage door, not the edge of the garage. It would be a real tight squeeze with a vehicle parked in that side of the garage and cars parked down that lane. 

Our bathroom granite is Wheat.

Our light fixtures are oil rubbed bronze.
Our plumbing is oil rubbed bronze.
Our door hardware/knobs and pulls are all oil rubbed bronze.

Our fireplace has slate and the surround is painted in bright white.

Our main level has Bruce hardwoods throughout. It's Sugar Creek Maple. The color is cinnamon.

We went with the highest level carpet padding in the basement and all the bedrooms.  The waterproof aspect, as well as the cushiness, won me over immediately.

If I left off anything feel free to let me know and I will add it.

*To read more about our Ryan Homes Ravenna home click on the "Our House" tab at the top.


  1. Hi! We're considering building a Ravenna and I was wondering approx how much the upgrade for hardwood stairs was. And also approx how much to do the whole 1st floor in hardwood. We're trying to get an idea of what we'll be able to afford before we walk in and start adding everything imaginable in! Thanks!!

  2. Just so you know, they may well tell you "Ryan Homes does not do hardwood stairs." Show them this blog with the photos. That's what I did. The sales rep shared with the project manager and the PM called the factory. Bazingo! Hardwood stairs!

    Our oak stairs with white risers were an additional $1350.

    It was $16,200 for the whole downstairs in hardwood. This includes Dining room, family room, foyer, office, kitchen, living room and powder room. (We did not add a morning room. The cost for the morning room would have been $1950) We took the most expensive hardwood they offered, so your prices could be much different than ours.

    The levels for hardwood were:

    Level A:$9,600, Level B:$11,150, Level C:$13,200, and Level D:$16,200

    Morning rooms were 1050, 1250, 1550 & 1950 extra.

    If you need breakdowns by room email me and I'll try to find a list for you. : )


  3. Thank you so much!! We're probably not going with the morning room either because we'll be doing the bonus room upstairs and I don't think we can swing both along with everything else we want.

    We're actually probably leaning towards laminate instead of hardwood so I imagine it will be a smidge cheaper than the hardwood pricing (and obv pricing varies by community). I'll have to double check how the hardwood stairs would look with the laminate flooring though......

    Thanks so much for all your help though! The neighborhood we're looking at is about three hours away so I want to try and minimize the amount of trips out there we need to make pre-build. Hopefully walking in knowing 90% of what we want and general pricing ideas will help!!

    Oh, one more question if you don't mind-- how much was the upgrade for lighting/plumbing/etc to oil rubbed bronze? I think that's the only other thing that I haven't been able to track down somewhere on blogs. Thanks again!!

  4. The wood stairs will be fine with the laminate. You may want to talk to your PM at the first meeting about any concerns you have about the wood matching the laminate. Your banister downstairs will be stained wood. The stairs will be the same color you choose for the banisters.

    We were actually considering the highest grade laminate before my husband decided we must have hardwoods. The laminate is less than hardwoods. I have pricing for our laminate selection, too. ($7975)

    You don't need the morning room anyway. The bonus room is awesome, and, really, you have lots of space to eat in the kitchen and dining room. We felt like the bonus room was a lot better for our family. Plus, I'm a weirdo who doesn't want a beautiful morning room full of windows when I live close enough to throw a stone in the neighbor's yard. I'm a country girl, and this whole neighborhood thing is more than a little overwhelming for me. At least all of the neighbors are lovely.

    Also, the morning room over a finished basement was $13,490. For The bonus room was $7690 and the closet added $400. We made the storage room in the basement into a guest suite with a giant closet and the two rooms & closets came in a smidge under the cost of the morning room. That's good selling! We were never planning on the morning room, and our sales rep offered the guest suite. It's brilliant!

    If you go in knowing what you want and offering a price on it you are hitting the one and only time you can possibly negotiate in the whole process, so do it.

    The interior door hardware in oile rubbed bronze was an additional $150. This was all the door handles, hinges, and thwangy things that stop the door from banging the wall. Getting the light fixtures in bronze was a $0 option.

    The faucet and bathroom fixtures upgrade to oil rubbed bronze was the kick in the pants. $1,190! But to me? Worth every penny. If my shower in my beautiful Serrano tile bathroom was silver I would die inside just a little each day. True story!

    The oil rubbed bronze cabinet knobs were no extra charge for color, but the knobs were free because of the cabinets we chose.

    And since we're here: Go for recessed lighting in the kitchen, even if you can't afford it in the basement or anywhere else. Otherwise they will give you the ugliest kitchen lights you have never seen. Yes, never. They are that ugly.

    I recommend you do not pay them to do any crown moulding or chair rail, etc. They do a really awful job at it, as you will see when they do your baseboards. It's just not worth it. You can do it yourself later. If you don't know how, you can still do as good of a job as they do on trim.

  5. Wow! Thanks for all the help!! We went back and forth a bit on the morning room mainly because I liked the gourmet island option but I think we'll be fine without it. The bonus room is much more important since we have 4 kiddos and want to make sure they each have space if they want it as they get older.

    It's crazy how different prices are in different areas-- they quoted me $9990 for the bonus room and $690 for the closet. Hopefully the rest of our options are closer in line with yours!! We're hoping to make a trip out there next weekend and then we'll find out.

    We are definitely planning on negotiating prices when we go in. We're trying to map out all the different combos on stuff and what we feel is a "fair" price to pay vs what we could do it for on our own. My husband has put in both laminate and hardwood before but if we can get it included at a reasonable price I'd much rather get it done in the first place instead of dealing with the mess later on.

    I totally agree- the ORB is totally worth the price!! That's one of my must-haves! LOL So far we figured we'd definitely do the recessed lighting in the kitchen and over the fireplace and then fan/light rough-ins in all the bedrooms/office/fam room.

  6. We did light rough ins- no fans. Some of us suffer from allergies, which is why I wanted hardwoods, central vac, etc. Ceiling fans would be the answer to "Guess what's wrong with this picture?" We did light rough-ins in every room without lighting, so if you want to do that include the living room. You'll be glad you did. Also, consider a light in the big hall closet and the alcove/catwalk in the bonus room. We had recessed lights put in those places.

    We also did recessed lights in the basement, which included the storage room turned bedroom. But if you leave it a storage room it doesn't get recessed lights.

    As far as reasonable prices from Ryan for extras, forget it. Most of the pricing is outrageous.

  7. We made it out to check out the neighborhood/model on Saturday and definitely fell in love!! We're very excited to be moving forward with everything.

    Option prices are definitely different in our neighborhood than yours-- ORB is $2000 for faucet/bathroom!!! But that was on my must-have list so it's definitely staying. Luckily everything else was a bit closer in line to what I've seen on everyone's blogs. One question though- what was the price for the upgraded tile for the shower/bath surround? Right now we just have the white ceramic for $150 and I'm completely confused by the options list that they gave us......

  8. The upgraded tile in our bath was $1800 which included the floor, tub surround and shower walls. In the hall bath it was $450, which was just the floor.

  9. How long did it take to build the home start to finish!

  10. We went to the sales office for the first time in October. They broke ground at the start of December. We closed on February 10th.

  11. What a nice home you have, Tammigirl! I would love to see how its interiors look. It sounds like a lovely home from the way you described its fixtures. Thanks for sharing your tales and every bit of detail of the makeover! Have a great day!

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical

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