Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From Behind (With Bovines)

     Today I decided to drive to the street behind us and see our house from their view. I'm so glad I did. 
     If I was a high-falootin' fancy pants I would show you with an arrow which house is ours, but I am not so I will not. (Because I don't know how)  But our is the one right in the middle with the greenish trees behind it. Aren't these some lucky bovines? They get to see the back of my house all day!

     While I was back there I took a picture of this, because it was so doggone pretty:

     As a bonus, while I was on the street everyone waved at me. Every. Single. Person. That's right!


  1. S/E I checked the email... but unless you are trying to help me file my taxes, I'm afraid I can't find an email from you.

  2. Scratch that - I just went to my email and found it!! LOL!