Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally Bought The Washer/Dryer Refrigerator

       I went back to Bicksler Electric to look at appliances today.  They are a locally owned shop downtown in our little town. It turns out that the Bicksler family lives in our development, fairly close to us. We can't see their house from ours, but we can see some of the same houses. Nice folks, really nice. And I found a better deal than I could find with my husband being an employee of a major appliance brand maker and also better than what I had found at the big stores. I might not always shop local, because in the end our family finances are priority. I always try to shop local, though.

     I took the advice of the owner regarding which washer/dryer pair to buy. If I'm not happy I figure I can go use their washer.

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