Saturday, March 17, 2012

Anyone Know Why The Air Conditioner Doesn't Work?

     I turned on the air conditioner on Weds or Thursday. The house isn't getting cool. At all. Its warmer than it was, as a matter of fact. The breaker for it is on, all three zones are set to cool. Any ideas? Any secret Ryan Homes info I should know about getting it to engage?


  1. I would suggest turning off the air at the thermostat and then recycle the breaker in the basement. If that doesn't work I would contact the heating/cooling number on your Ryan cheat sheet.

  2. I did that already - but it's worth a try again. I guess if that doesn't do it I'll hit the number on the sheet. Thanks!

  3. Also with these types of breakers make sure you flip it all the way. There's a half way point you must go past or it won't recycle. Good Luck I hope it works for you!

  4. I called Crown

    There was another breaker out by the unit. It was turned upside down and shoved in the wrong way.

    Fixed that & it fixed the problem!


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