Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Began My Adventures With Annie

"Before" picture. Well, before it was done, at least.
      I waited very patiently while our house was being built. I dreamed about moving in and getting settled. Changing our address with everyone and changing schools and getting rid of lots of stuff. Then getting rid of more stuff. Purge, purge, purge. But the thing I was dreaming about every day was opening up my two precious cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Oh yes! This was my dream! Finally, on Thursday, I dug right in. I was going to be home waiting for an afternoon delivery, so this was my chance! Of course, I started to paint the turntable before I remembered to take a picture. I found this puppy at Goodwill, and paid almost as much for it as the person who bought it brand new at Ikea. It was in sad, sad shape. Fine by me, I had plans for it anyway.

After a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: Louis Blue

Then I added the Soft Wax and Buffed until my arms turned to jello. Then I buffed twice more. Really, I need to get those big boys to do this. It's exhausting.

Meanwhile, this was going on upstairs: When I went to get my phone to take pictures the appliance delivery guys called and asked to deliver early. Sure thing!

And this was going on in the kitchen beside me. I had taken everything out of the old refrigerator, so it was all on the counters. Then they had to take the doors off both fridges to get them through the door. Whew! It was hot and they left the front door wide open the whole time. They were here for what felt like hours. Nice guys, but I was glad when they left and I could put the groceries away and do laundry!

Watching paint dry. No lie!

Since they were here, I decided to start this, too. This sat in my grandmother's dining room under her wall mounted phone for much of my life. Then She gave it to me. Then it was in her barn. Then I brought it back home. It held an old typewriter for a couple of years. It will probably reside in my front room/sitting room/parlor. (I'm not sure what to name this room.)

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  1. My grandmother had one of those telephone chairs in her basement, I have no idea what my mom did with it-it still had a phone on it even if it had been moved downstairs-even until she passed away. Great Job!