Friday, March 2, 2012

La, La; Lonely Tub

If you are wonderful enough to give a girl a jetted bathtub, do not let the children bother her while she is in it.

     Not even about emergencies.

Not even Chipotle burrito emergencies.

It took the oomph out of my bubbles. It's very, very sad.

Ryan Homes Ravenna Master Bath Jetted Tub w/oil rubbed bronze  & Serrano Tile
*If you are old enough to understand the title reference, I'm sorry.

*Another blurry picture, so you can be sure I own the rights to the photo.


  1. Maybe when you children grow up they will able to resolve their own Chilpotle dilemma without your assistance. How very sad your remaining bubbles look.

  2. I have told my daughter I can't wait for her to have her own place. I am coming over and leaving lights on, leaving crumbs in a bag and putting back in the cabinet. I will clog the toilet and walk away with a big stinky floating. Oh...I can't wait!

  3. And when you hear their door close AND the click of the lock, you'll knock on it right away, correct?

    I would need to go to my son's and throw clean clothes in the laudnry to be washed again. There's nothing he will like more than washing clothes which are still clean. (and sometimes still even folded)

    I know when I go to their houses I will never remember where anything goes, so I wont put anything away. And if I do, it will be in the wrong place so they will have to look for it.

    Oh, good times!

  4. The only burrito emergency I would deal with would be "Hey Mom - they put chicken AND steak on yours by mistake!"

  5. Tammi,
    When my daughter was 13ish, my wife was at her wit's end with that "washing clean clothes" thing. She would wash the clothes, put the basket in her room to be folded and of course lazy ass would just pull some out and throw dirty on top. SOOOOOOOOOO, we made her start washing her own clothes. All of them. Showed her how to start the washer and run a load. Even explained if she broke the washer or dryer because she doesn't pay attention, I would replace it with her bday and xmas money. Best decision ever!

  6. Sgt. Rich, I like the way you think! Somehow I know if I did this with any of the boys they would never wear clean clothes again. :-O

    The girls started doing their own laundry on their own. I think they did it to keep their stuff separate from the boys.

  7. i was told they only tiled the tub for the model homes. this site is really turning me against foxridge/ryan homes, and i was really liking my house, lol