Friday, March 16, 2012

3 in 30

Here it is, Friday again. This Month the goals are big and real. 

1. Get the old place totally emptied and cleaned up for the new life it is about to have.

2. Get the few remaining boxes in my bedroom put away.

3. Shop for the furniture we need and the appliances (fridge, washer & dryer) which all decided to die within the two week period around our move.

     Number one is done. Hooray! Number two was done, but now there is a new box of stuff sitting in the bedroom. Number three... well,  I've been shopping in stores and researching my little heart out online,  but I have not made the purchases yet.  I have a couple of weeks remaining, so I have confidence I will be able to make the purchases before the end of March.

     As a bonus, and thanks to my mother, the basement utility room is rearranged and a lot of progress has been made. The shelving units did not get into the food storage area the way I wanted originally. We moved all the stuff off of them and moved the shelves, then restocked. I'm much happier with them now. Then my mom decided to organize more of the utility room while I cleared more stuff away from my dining room. We actually ate in the dining room instead of the kitchen for the first time last night!
Obviously, dining chairs are on the list of things we need to buy.


  1. Youve got a Garden Ridge 2 hours away...if youve never been you wont regret it! Go get 'em, girl! --Ericka

  2. Sounds about like our list. We were eating at the dining room table, but are now eating on the island. But, the chairs we have there are bar stools, so they are too high for us, but great for the kids. So counter height chairs are on my list. As is living room furniture, morning room furniture (overstuffed chairs, side table, and console table). LOTS of boxes everywhere that need unpacking. And my once clean family room is now full again because we are working on changing the study into a workshop with a door to the garage. I think within 5 years I should have everything. HAHA.