Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ravenna: Upstairs Hall And Half Wall

For Suzanne, and anyone else who may buy a Ravenna from Ryan Homes in the future and wonder what it would look like to have the half wall instead of the banister. 

The floor is Sugar Creek Maple. Color: Cinnamon
Ravenna: Room at the top of the stairs out to hall.
Ravenna: Front of hall to back of hall.
 This post is not wordy, for certain. I just figured if I had wondered and someone else is wondering then it makes sense to have it online for when the next Ravenna building soul comes hunting.

The hairy little man had to get in on the action in this photo.
Ravenna: Back of upstairs hall to front.

Ravenna: Hall looking towards Master Suite & Bonus room

Ravenna: Upstairs Hall looking out from Master Suite


  1. I went with the half wall and looking at yours I'm glad I did. I grew up with the banisters and was never a huge fan of them. The wall looks great here and I'm liking the HW upstairs...

    I mostly followed your advice on the carpet pad except I didn't go w/ the tip top level w/ the allergen and waterproofing. I wasn't too concerned w/ spills being only on the second and third floor but ended up w/ the 8 lb pad.

  2. Looks Great! Really like your floors.

  3. holy crap, you were not kidding about getting hardwood everywhere! looks good, but I still like my banisters! ;)

  4. Thanks for posting! The wall looks great. We need to add more lighting and need to trim the budget from somewhere. I think this might be it!Thanks again!

  5. I definitely recommend more lighting! I think putting the cap on the half wall rather than leaving it unfinished is what made all the difference. I wish I had thought to ask them to stain it to match my banister and stairs.

  6. That half wall looks like a great place to accumulate tiny items that don't yet have a home. :) I had a 3-foot half wall at the top of my steps in my last home and it was always filled with change, keys, medicine bottles, gloves, hats....

    It looks great with the hardwood floors though. I wanted to do hardwood in the upstairs hallway but got vetoed. :(

  7. Yay for hard floors upstairs. I thought halls, stairs and other high-traffic areas would look nicer and be easier to clean if not carpet, but I was vetoed, too (on grounds that footsteps would be noisier) also, I think it would have been a special pricing request if they let us do it at all. Do you find any unusual noise with your hardwood halls?

    We also got the half wall, though I've not seen any others before, mostly white spindles with wood rail.

  8. also, I have a blogging question: If I leave a comment do you have any way to look at my blog or contact me back if you want to? When I click my name I get a google+ profile that's mostly empty cause I'm a facebook girl, but I'm not sure what other people see.
    My Ryan blog is at http://dreamrome.blogspot.com/

  9. very nice, i'm angry because they lied and said they didn't offer wood upstairs. why so many lies foxridge/ryan homes?