Thursday, March 22, 2012

Super Wealthy, Part Two

      This morning as I held up an item in my grandparents kitchen I explained to my grandad, as he was eating his Cheerios, that it would have undoubtedly cost thirty dollars at the shops. I told him they were sitting on a gold mine and if they sold some stuff they would certainly be very wealthy He was not impressed. I made my statement again, and emphasized to him that he could indeed be: Very. Wealthy. Instead he explained something to me.

     He told me that some time ago my daughter #2, Allison, had asked him what he would wish for if he could have one wish. Now, my grandfather is a spirited man. He's full of mischief, truly. But he's also sort of a grown up.  He lost two boys when they were teenagers in a car accident. He's the youngest of about eleventy siblings, who were all close, and quite a few of them have passed. Who could guess what his wish would be? He told me his answer to her was "I wouldn't wish for anything. I'm alive and  I have a home and food to eat and a family who loves me very much" and, he said "I have my Lord. That's all I need."

     Can I get a big fat "Amen!" to that?

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  1. Your a very lucky girl to still have your Grandparents! I read this and it brought tears to my eye's. I think your very rich for still having them in your life! God Bless and thank you for sharing as I will go to bed thinking about my Dad and Grandparents all of whom have passed.